Service Overview

As a chamber of commerce IACCIA’s primary work is to establish a business network of entrepreneurs and professionals working in these regions and help promote their businesses. To achieve this effectively, following services are provided by the chamber to its members.

▪ Arranging sector specific matchmaking meetings or B2B services

▪ Providing assistance on legal matters like drafting, finalizing deed contracts

▪ Maintaining a database on imports and exports, manufacturers, and retailers in different sectors

▪ Updating its members about business opportunities

▪ Updating business related information like changes in duty structure

▪ Document Attestation

▪ Providing translation and interpretation facilities to members whenever required

▪ Promoting local businesses online through the web portal

▪ Arranging seminars, workshops, and conferences to generate sector specific or country-specific awareness on business matters as well as to exchange relevant skills and expertise

▪ Organizing trade fares, exhibitions to create platforms for the member companies to promote their business

▪ Promoting cultural relations between India and Arab Countries and mobilizing Indian and Arab diaspora for the same purpose.

On the overview page the section entitled ‘Business matchmaking’ will be directed to business exchange page mentioned on B2B

B2F i.e. Business-to-Finance service may also be added later on in this section depending on Chamber’s policy.

India-Arab Chamber of Commerce, Industries, and Agriculture through its powerful network of Arab League mission, Arab Economic, and Cultural Councils and its member’s lobbies for pro-Arab countries economic policy and vice versa. It also provides regular policy alerts through its web portal to everyone interested in doing business in the Arab world or knowing about it. The chamber recognizes the fact that stable and prosperous Middle East is beneficial for India’s growth and sustainable development. Promoting strategic partnership in these two regions is one of the key focus areas of chamber’s advocacy. We work towards establishing an influential network of business community, high-level decision makers, government bodies and Indian and Arab Diasporas is the way to ensure a smoother expansion of economic ties between India and Arab world.

India and the Arab world have historically enjoyed very close cultural, economic and trade ties. There is a small but recognizable population of Arab origin in India predominantly in Kerala and Gujarat. Even in Arab countries, Indian expatriate population is the largest in number. Thus reviving ancient cultural ties and promoting cultural diplomacy is one of the goals India-Arab Chamber of Commerce, Industries, and Agriculture has set for itself. We, at IACCIA, believe that people to people contact and cultural exchange generates trust among the populations of both the regions. This, in turn, acts as a soft power to further bilateral relations on other fronts.

To realize this objective, the chamber organizes workshops, symposiums, and conferences etc. that attracts experts from various fields like academia, government servants, politicians and businessmen & working professionals. Refer to news and event section to remain updated with the upcoming events. Become a member to get regular alerts for the same.